Crestron MP-AMP30 Media Presentation Audio Amplifier

Crestron MP-AMP30 Media Presentation Audio Amplifier Crestron has started shipping its new compact and efficient 15 watt stereo amplifier, the MP-AMP30, ideal for classrooms, halls, conference rooms and boardrooms. This low cost audio amplifier is designed to work with applications in which audio from source equipment is directly connected to and switched by the video projector.

The MP-AMP30 is a stand-alone amplifier that can also complement Crestron’s MPC line of controllers and wall plates. The detachable output connectors facilitating the termination of speaker wiring makes the installation and setup of the amplifier very simple. For adjustment of overall speaker volume, the amplifier features rotary controls.

The extruded aluminum housing of MP-AMP30, gives it a professional modern appearance. In addition, the wide variety of wall plates of the amplifier enables connectivity ranging from traditional analog to HDMI.