CES: Integra Research Debuts the RDV-1.1 ‘Universal’ DVD-Audio/SACD Player

Integra Research has announced the THX Ultra-certified RDV-1.1, a high performance universal player that features an incredible array of state of the art circuitry and connectivity options. With digital output capability for high-resolution multichannel audio, as well as DVD-Video, the player provides the highest reproduction quality possible, regardless of the source material or format.

“The incredible advances in home audio and video capabilities over the past five years have caused some serious growing pains for the industry,” observed Integra Research product manager Eric Harper. “Until now, the capacity to really exploit the full promise of DVD-A, SACD, and even DVD-Video has been hamstrung by the requirement that signals leave the player in the analog domain. It’s like having a Formula 1 race car with a 55 MPH speed limiter on it. With the RDV-1.1, however, every signal can be passed digitally without undue processing, finally removing the last bottleneck to state of the art quality.”

The RDV-1.1 features a state of the art low-jitter master clock circuit developed by the professional audio firm, Apogee Electronics, of Santa Monica, CA. This circuit allows the player’s 192 kHz/24-bit Wolfson DACs, combined with Integra Research’s exclusive VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry), to deliver the highest quality digital conversion available.

For high resolution multichannel SACD and DVD-Audio discs, the RDV-1.1 includes two iLink (IEEE 1394) connections for digital output of high resolution 5.1-channel audio signals. When combined with a compatible processor or receiver, this ability delivers the ultimate in sound reproduction, simplifies bass management duties, and does it all over a single cable. Additionally, there are 7.1-channel analog outputs for consumers wishing to employ the RDV-1.1’s high quality internal decoding circuitry. For conventional DVD and CD audio, there are also two coaxial and two optical digital audio outputs. Lastly, for consumers who want the ultimate in two-channel fidelity, there is an AES/EBU balanced digital output that is compatible with many high-end stereo preamplifiers.

For video reproduction, the RDV-1.1 includes a rear-panel HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection that delivers digital video information to HDMI- and DVI-equipped HD display devices without degradation of the signal due to unnecessary D/A conversion. The unit features a high quality O-Plus video scaler that is capable of converting any video signal to a variety of customizable HD formats, including 720p or 1080i, for the ultimate video performance available from DVD-Video. Additionally, the scaler can be used with external video sources via the unit’s rear-panel component, composite, and S-video inputs.

The player’s video circuitry also employs new Analog Devices dual 216MHz/14-bit video D/A converters, and an advanced four-field Silicon Image deinterlacer with 3:2 pulldown conversion. For analog component video, the need for menu selection of interlaced or progressive scan output is eliminated by the inclusion of dedicated connections for each. There are two BNC progressive scan outputs, and a single RCA interlaced output. Additionally, there are two S-Video and two composite video jacks.

The RDV-1.1 also includes an RS-232 port for compatibility with whole-home control systems, IR in and out jacks, and a 12-volt trigger input. It features extremely solid construction with rigid aluminum chassis, integrated stabilizer network, and solid aluminum feet to reduce vibration for error-free playback. The attractive blue LED display and button illumination includes a four-way dimmer circuit. It includes a backlit preprogrammed/learning remote control for optimum control of all the player’s functions.

The Integra Research RDV-1.1 will be available in April at a suggested retail price of $4,000.