CES 2004: DVD-Audio Everywhere at CES [HFR]

CES 2004: Building upon increased DVD-Audio sales and a proliferation of titles during the 4th quarter, the DVD-Audio Council is set to make a splash at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Panasonic, Dolby, BMG, EMI, Warner Music Group, Silverline Records, Meridian, Creative Labs, 5.1 Entertainment Group and AIX will all be demonstrating the best of the DVD-Audio format from hardware to software at separate booths in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Alexis Park Hotel. In addition, the Acura TL will be on-site in the Dolby booth to demonstrate the first ever standard DVD-Audio system released last year.

To date, there are 160 DVD-Audio player models available from more than thirty-five manufacturers. Over 10 million stand-alone DVD-A players have been sold – almost four times the number last year. An estimated two million computer-based players have shipped, from companies such as Creative Labs and InterVideo.

In addition, DVD-Audio releases have more than doubled in 2003 with the number of available titles approaching 700.

Booth #17220, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1 and 2, Meridian Audio Limited will promote the DVD-Audio format with displays of a sample of the 700-plus available titles, a Meridian DVD-Audio replay system and a computer with DVD-Audio replay capability, as well as a selection of the 12-million-plus players sold by manufacturers all over the world.

Booth # 17214, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1 and 2, Dolby is set to demonstrate DVD-Audio in a consumer application (DVD-A player/Receiver/HTIB speaker system), on the PC platform (PC connected to HTIB system) and in the Acura TL.

Suite AP 1401 at the Alexis Park Hotel, AIX Records, the award-winning audiophile DVD label specializing in new high-resolution, 5.1 channel surround recordings, will demonstrate DVD-Audio.

About the DVD-Audio Council:

Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, BMG, J Records, Silverline Records, Arista Records, The Atlantic Group, Elektra Entertainment Group, Capitol, Warner Music Latina, Virgin, Angel/Blue Note, EMI Latina, Rhino, 5.1 Entertainment Group, RCA, Reprise, Geffen Records, Interscope, A&M, Island Def Jam Music Group, Lost Highway Records, Mercury, MCA Nashville, Motown Records, Universal Classics, Universal Records, Universal Music Enterprises, Universal Music Latino, Verve Music Group, Warner Bros. Records., Myutopia Recordings, AIX Records, DTS Entertainment, EMI Recorded Music, Meridian Audio, Dolby Laboratories, Creative Labs and Panasonic (MEI) are all members of the DVD Audio Council. The DVD-Audio Council serves as a complete resource for all press, technical and marketing information related to the DVD-Audio format in the United States and Europe. The council’s mission is to educate hardware and software retailers to the benefits and features of DVD-Audio while simultaneously promoting consumer awareness of this evolutionary format.