CES 2006: Groove Note Plans Anthony Wilson and Diana Krall SACD and Releases New SACDs and Catalog

CES 2006: Groove Note Records plans an SACD by guitarist Anthony Wilson and Diana Krall this summer. The news of this big SACD project overshadowed the label’s other CES activities including two new Super Audio CD releases and a new catalog.

The audiophile label helmed by Ying Tan was one of the early players in the SACD market and has issued a number of excellent sounding albums that feature original recordings of jazz artists such as Bill Cunliffe, Anthony Wilson and Bennie Wilson as well as singers Eden Atwood and Jacintha. Groove Note has also issued a number of Hybrid Stereo SACDs from the Concord Jazz catalog.

2 New Super Audio CD Releases
Groove Note is distributed to the audiophile market by Bob Bantz’ Elusive Disc firm and web site. Ying Tan and the Groove Note staff is at the Elusive Disc booth at the Alexis Park Resort this week during the CES Show. Their they are featuring their two newest releases – the second Hybrid Stereo SACD by guitarist Anthony Wilson and his trio and a new Hybrid Stereo SACD on the Harmony/Groove Note label by singer Jacintha.

The new Anthony Wilson Trio SACD features instrumental recordings done at the same session that generated his first Groove Note SACD entitled Our Gang (Groove Note GRV 1008-3). That Super Audio CD was a big hit with audiophiles and jazz fans for its wonderful sonics and musical performances. As you would expect, the new SACD entitled Savivity is just as good and is destined to be another favorite.

Jacintha’s newest Super Audio CD is the follow-up to her standout Surround Sound SACD of Bossa Nova music entitled The Girl From Bossa Nova (Groove Note GRV 1026-3). On her newest album titled Love Flows Like A River, she is featured performing several well known Chinese songs in Mandarin rather than in English from a session recorded by famed audiophile recording engineer Michael Ross. The SACD is available for auditioning via headphones at the Elusive Disc booth at CES. If you’re at the show, I’d suggest donning the headphones and listening to the first track. The opening sounds of that track will delight you musically even if you don’t decide to buy the SACD afterwards.

  • Savivity – Anthony Wilson Trio (Groove Note GRV 1030-3)
  • Love Flows Like A River – Jacintha (Harmony Records/Groove Note HR 0001-3)Groove Note’s New 2006 Catalog
    Also new from the Groove Note label at CES is a 2006 catalog. It features all of the labels releases in CD, SACD and Vinyl LP through the end of last year. It also lists the next two Groove Note Hybrid Stereo Super Audio CDs from the Concord Jazz catalog (by the Charlie Byrd Trio and Laurindo Almedia and Charlie Byrd) that are due out in March.

    Groove Note – March 2006 – Hybrid Stereo SACD Releases

  • Laurindo Almeida & Charlie Byrd – Latin Odyssey (Groove Note GRV 1031-3)
  • Charlie Byrd with Bud Shank – Brazilville (Groove Note GRV 1032-3)

    The Anthony Wilson Project Super Audio CD Featuring Diana Krall
    But the most interesting news from Groove Note today is the announcement of Anthony Wilson’s third Super Audio CD on Groove Note. Titled “The Anthony Wilson Project” this Super Audio CD will feature the veteran guitarist from Diana Krall’s band with Ms. Krall as well !

    According to Groove Note’s Ying Tan, the SACD will feature 10 tracks – 2 of which will have Diana Krall performing on both piano and vocals on these tracks. The material on the album will be a mixture of original compositions written by Anthony Wilson as well as “some jazz standards” as well.

    The Anthony Wilson Project SACD is due out this Summer, with a tenative release date in June. Based on the material and sonic quality of the last two Anthony Wilson Super Audio CDs, not to mention the addition of Diana Krall’s piano playing and vocals, this one promises to be a do not miss disc.

  • The Anthony Wilson Project – Featuring Diana Krall (Groove Note GRV 1035-3)