Celluon CL850 3D Laser Virtual Keyboard


Here is an interesting product from Celluon, best peripherals manufacturer and distributor. Cellulon CL850 3D Laser Virtual Keyboard is a three dimensional laser hypothesized keyboard. This revolutionary product will enter in promotion phase during September in the South Korean market.

Besides the native Korean language, the keyboard also supports international languages including English, Spanish, German, and French. Expected price of this product is 150, 000 Yuan somewhere ranging between 100,000 KRW ($108) to 200,000 KRW ($215).

It uses the 3D technology by the portable equipment to carry on the laser control. 3D electronic-perception technology helps CL850 to identify the location and movement of the user’s fingers and communicate the input of the user via sensor to the user’s device. It has a USB port as well as Bluetooth capabilities.

Via: Aving