CEDIA 2003: Rotel Introduce DVD-Audio Equipped Receiver

CEDIA 2003: Rotel have announced a unique DVD-Audio capable product, the RSDX-02, a one-box design that incorporates a DVD player, 5.1 processor/amplifier and AM/FM tuner. To be priced at $1,500 when it is introduced to market in October, the RSDX-02 is said to bring high-performance home theatre and high-resolution audio to an entirely new spectrum of listeners.

Rotel America V.P. and General Manager Mike Bartlett: “The RSDX-02 is Rotel’s answer for consumers whose home-theater ambitions are greater than their available space. This unit offers virtually a ‘plug and play’ one box solution ideal for small room theater systems such as bedrooms, dens, vacation homes, dorm rooms etc. For more sophisticated A/V home theater systems that require more power and specific separates Rotel has a variety of options available however, for the consumer who has a modest home theater system and wants a simplified approach without a plethora of sometimes bewildering connections – we offer the RSDX-02.

From the press release:

The extensive capabilities of the RSDX-02 – superb audio and video quality, and substantial power of 80 watts per channel to each of its five speaker outputs makes it a uniquely attractive solution. By simply adding a big TV and any of the many fine compact 5.1-channel speaker systems available today, a serious home theater can be created with minimum fuss, complication, and effort. Yet its performance will rival far more costly (and bulky) component systems, and its unusually simple and intuitive, touch-screen full-system remote, streamlines operation. And the RSDX-02 is equipped with high-precision digital processing, including Dolby Digital and DTS multi-channel
decoding, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo:6 for two-channel sources, and an All-Channel Stereo mode – ideal for spreading the sound evenly for parties or just casual listening.

Along with DVD-Video (movies), CDs, and even CD-MP3 recordings, the RSDX-02 also plays the latest high-resolution DVD-Audio discs with full fidelity, delivering the highest level of music reproduction available. What’s more, it displays JPEG files from encoded discs, such as those storing digital-camera photo albums.

The RSDX-02’s flexible design provides both coaxial and optical (Toslink) digital inputs, as well as analog inputs for older components such as VCRs, ensuring easy compatibility in any setup. It also features wideband component-video input/output facilities, to conveniently integrate A-V source components with the latest TVs including high-definition-ready sets. It also features a 30/15-preset FM/AM tuner section designed to maintain outstanding sound quality under real-world reception conditions.

Rotel’s famed “Balanced Design” technology works behind the scene to ensure superb audio and video reproduction, combining the meticulous engineering and top-grade components for which Rotel is famous. But the RSDX-02’s design was just as carefully refined to ensure easy operation. Its uniquely simple, single-screen LCD touch-pad remote operates the system’s TV, cable-box, and satellite receiver (in addition to the RSDX-02 itself). This fully programmable, self-prompting controller promotes easy, stress-free operation, making the full power and quality of a true home theater accessible to all. Rotel RSDX-02 DVD-Audio equipped receiver/DVD player