Caruso Opera Loudspeakers

Designs are normally secondary to performance but as far as this stunning loudspeaker creation is concerned, the luxury incarnation is a flagship model that has turned out a landmark product for Italy based manufacturer Opera Loudspeakers.

The breathtaking luxury loudspeakers that come in an elegant shape represent the pinnacle of achievement of both design as well as sound. Undoubtedly one of the finest high-fidelity loudspeakers ever created, the Caruso features stunning lines and build quality, making it outshine others.

Revitalized with the latest technology and build techniques, the handcrafted loudspeakers promise dynamic acoustic output by virtue of nine quality subwoofers encased inside wooden floor-standing cabinets.

The Caruso is the ultimate for those seeking the fulfillment of their musical desires.

Price: €28,000 ($35,737)

(Source) Opera Loud Speakers