Samsung LA46A750R1M LCD TV

Samsung has another great LCD TV to consider and it comes in the form of the LA46A750R1M model. It is loaded with a full-HD LCD panel capable of delivering 70,000:1 dynamic contrast which is one of the highest in its class. To optimize picture quality, Samsung has brought back its 100Hz Motion Plus engine and the latest DNie Pro video processor.

The former is an anti-judder system designed to boost the panel refresh rate to 100 frames per second with additional motion compensation. Unlike most LCDs, this model also has a reflective screen that enhances contrast at the expense of potential glare seen commonly in plasma TVs.

The LA46A750R1M’s analog TV broadcast quality is good but not exceptional when compared with the recently reviewed Sony Bravia X4. The Series 7 is HD broadcast-enabled out-of-the-box, equipped with a DVB-T digital TV tuner and an MPEG-04 video decoder. For Dolby Digital-encoded programs, this panel will output the surround soundtrack via its optical audio jack for external decoding.

(Source) Kerala Online