Cambridge Audio Azur 640R V2

For better sound quality, Cambridge has been a familiar name in the world of home theater setups. And with the growing demand for better home theater setups increasing, Cambridge Audio has previewed the version 2 model of the Azur 640R AV receiver at CES, featuring full HDMI 1.3b reception.

The new Azur employs a Cirrus Logic/Crystal chipset with twin 32-but DSPs and full support for Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution and the new Lossless Dolby True HD and Master-HD Audio formats, as well as SACD and DVD-Audio.

Key features include:

• True power output of 7×100W RMS per channel at 8ohms
• Stereo direct mode for audiophile stereo sources outputting 2×1200W
• Adjustable lip sync delay feature
• Optional bi-amping
• Multi-room compatibility
• Trio of HDMI 1.3b inputs
• RS232 port
• IR emitter in
• Control Bus in/out

Priced at $1,800, the Azur 640R V2 is expected to come out this Spring. It is available in black or silver.

(Source) AVReview