Garage Conversion

Some people like to convert their garage into a workshop. Some people have even been known to make a garage over into a mother-in-law’s apartment, or build above an old garage to accommodate a grown child who needs to return home because of job loss, divorce, or general lack of funds. When Bjorn Kristensen looked at his old garage, he saw a private multiplex. Real leather theater seats, red carpeting, lush flocked wallpaper, a wide screen that takes up an entire wall, surround sound, and state of the art home theater components all come together to create an ambiance that doesn’t even contain a whiff of motor oil.

 Kristensen isn’t the only guy who has recently looked at an outbuilding and seen a movie theater. Garage-to-theater rehab is becoming a phenomenon in its own right, with multiple websites now dedicated to step-by-step how-to instructions and general advice for HT maniacs with a vision.