Bydsign PH-4203DFK TV


ByDsign recently announced the Japan launch of PH-4203DFK TV. This TV loads Terrestrial digital tuner loading and HDMI terminal. It is priced at ? 99,800 (including tax). This 42-inch TV offers resolution of 1024?768 dots, Color reappearance 16,777,216 colors, contrast ratio 10000:1 and brightness 1500cd/m 2. It equips sleep timer function. Consuming 320W of electric power, Bydsign PH-4203DFK Plasma TV supports reception of VHF/UHF/CATV (C13-C63). Its other features include 2 picture functions (picture bi- picture), UHF zone, BS digital broadcast tuner and 110 degree CS digital broadcast tuner.

Via: ByDesign