LG50DC TV Series gets FCC Nod

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FCC has approved the LG50 TV series provided with stunning features and high end functionalities. The series consist of two models including 47LG50DC and 52LG50DC.

LG50 TV can receive digital over the air/digital cable signals without an external digital set-top box. Connect the video outputs of the digital set top box to the component in video 1 jacks on the TV. You can even match the jack colors like, green, blue and red.

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It comes with some specific functions, such as:

  • Position: this function helps in adjusting pictures to left/right and up/down as you like.
  • Size: it is to minimize any vertical bars or bands evident on the screen background. And the horizontal noise and clear or sharpen the image of characters.
  • Phase: This function allows you to eliminate any horizontal sound and clear or sharpen the picture of characters.

There is not much info about the contrast, brightness, speed of response etc..Stay tuned for updates.

Via: FCC