Buffalo Brings Out Four Terabyte TeraStation

For those of you considering the idea of a home theatre PC, you might do well to consider a four terabyte TeraStation storage system, especially if you’ve got an extra two grand lying around doing nothing.

Four terabytes will hold the equivalent of one thousand DVDs, so if you’ve got a mammoth film library this just might be your weapon of choice.

This enormous monster box of data storage not only has its onboard four terabytes of storage, but also comes with support for FOUR different hot-swappable drive bays.  Assuming you can jack in another terabyte drive to each of those (and I believe some will go to two terabytes), you can manage to get fully another four to eight TERABYTES of storage, equivalent to another one to two thousand DVDs.

Three thousand total DVDs.  Approximately six thousand hours of video.  That’s just over eight months worth of video, assuming you don’t do anything but watch movies.  Not even SLEEP.   And if you need more storage than that, then even I have to think you watch entirely too many movies.