Sweet Home Theatre Setup – RobZ

I actually used to think it was painfully difficult, if not outright impossible, to put a home theatre in anything smaller than a basement.  I thought sure the windowless interior room was the next best thing, and even that a dim runner up.  But I don’t think that any more after following RobZ’s story over at the AV Science Forum.

I watched, step by step, as this guy took a fifteen by twenty foot room and turned it into a fully-featured home theatre complete with projector, screen, subwoofer and speakers, plus a fifty inch plasma for television watching.  He painted the room with a Ralph Lauren Suede paint (not quite the chocolate brown recommended but probably a lot closer than you can tell at first glance.) and used velvet blackout curtains to really cut down his light level (you can see in the pics, upper left corner, that he hasn’t completely blocked it out, but he got at least ninety-five percent of it).

I don’t know about you, but he’s definitely given me some ideas for my own setup–and when a home theatre setup can do that, you know it’s truly a SWEET home theatre setup.