Buffalo BFG-PKID Memory Stick for Kids


If we talk about Home Theater, it means we are talking about adults or teens. But what about kids? How will kids enjoy at Home? Kids enjoyment is different from our. So, Kids do not worry..Here we have found something for your entertainment at home.

Buffalo has recently launched Memory Sticks for kids. The BFG-PKID Memory Stick is safe for kids as well as computer. These cool USB drives let kids stay away from your data and browse safely online.

You just need to plug it into your USB port. Set the programs your kids require. Kids can browse on Yahoo Kids browser. It also offers a couple of games and a bundle of other applications.


Children can choose their favourite themes from four available options including Mickey Mouse (BFG-PKID-MK), TG (BFG-PKID-TG), Doraemon (BFG-PKID-DR) and Winnie the Pooh (BFG-PKID-PO).

The BFG-PKID USB runs on OS WindowsVista/XP. It requires Pentium4 1GH z or above CPU, Hard disk 256MB minimum and Micorsoft Internet Expolorer 6.0 or greater versions to operate.

The Buffalo BFG-PKID USB drives are available in Japan at a price of $25 (about ?12.50.

Via: Buffalo