Boston MCS 130 Home Theater Speaker System


Boston has recently unveiled its new Home Theater Speaker System MCS 130. The newly designed Home Theater Speaker System is compact in shape and thus occupies lesser space. Designed in smooth and curved edges it reaches the users in Midnight or Mist finishes. The users also have the freedom to choose from can choose from eight different grille colors. Powerful enough to rock a party the system includes Three LCR speakers, two surround speakers and one powered subwoofer. The powered sub woofer is a 10″ woofer incorporated with 200 Watt amplifier. Those who plan to owe such a Home Theater Speaker System would have to shed about $799.99, but it is not a big amount to be spent on sitting back and enjoying the surround sound, is it? There is no word on the release date of model MCS 130 from the company side.

Via: Boston