bryston-1000-watt-28b-sst.pngBryston has recently introduced the 28B-SST mono amplifier. This is a 1000 watt power amplifier that does not compromise presentation even at 1/10th its rated power output. The most significant part of the design criterion for the 28B-SST Mono Amplifier was to build up a very influential amplifier which would oblige any speaker on the planet but preserve a perfect power curve at 1 watt as well as at 1000 watts and every power level in between. Now what would be the end result?

A big, great amplifier that sounds extremely detailed and musical on other hand maintaining the same sonic complexity and drive capacity with even the most challenging, incompetent speakers. The smart new Bryston 28B-SST amplifier is a completely objective output amplifier, which has condensed THD and IMD to unparalleled low values, (typically 0.001% or less).

The device gives out a new degree of lucidity, musicality and relieve of listening. With terrifically low noise floor generally below 115dB, give way complete silence between notes for persuasively pragmatic reproduction. The 28B-SST from Bryston is backed with a 20 year warranty and reaches the user at an MSRP of $7500.

Via: VPO