Bryston B-100 SST Integrated Amplifier


Bryston has proclaimed the launch of Bryston B-100 SST included Amplifier. It features the performance levels equal to the optimum separate audio components. The amplifier segment of the B-100 SST transports 100 watts per channel into 8 Ohms and 180 watts into 4 Ohms with less than 0.02 percent from 20Hz to 20 kHz at 60 watts. The B100 SST is modern analog stereo incorporated amplifier that uses Software control for operation. B100 also offers many more features and functions while still remaining to conventional fully distinct analog circuits throughout the amplifier circuit path. B100 is obtainable at Rs. $3395 (not including remote, phono stage, or D to converter). Its full function remote is priced $430, MM phono stage $500 and internal discreet digital stage $1150.

Bryston B-100 SST Integrated Amplifier Specs:
• Three new ultra-low-noise power transformers
• Over 44,000 MFD of filter capacitance per channel
• 2 for analog circuits – 1 for digital circuits
• Computer modeled heat-sink design
• Totally separate ground paths for digital and analog sections
• Programmable pass-through feature
• Two quick-connect 12-volt triggers – (one programmable)
• Assignable digital inputs (DA version only)
• Obtainable in black or silver 17 or 19 inch faceplate
• Main-in and pre-out jacks
• New volume control
• R232 software upgradeable
• Two optical and two SPDIF inputs (DA version only)
• Optional internal D to A converter

Via: VPO