Blackmagic camera

Blackmagic camera is the new filmmakers favorite

At the NAB event in Las Vegas, the Blackmagic camera has been unveiled at it appears to become a new favorite for indie filmmakers. The camera carries a rather decent price tag of $3,000, which is about the same as the Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera which is/will be used to shoot a lot of video with. What sets the Blackmagic camera are its features, which are especially geared towards filmmakers.

The Blackmagic camera sports a Super 35 sized sensor that can record at 2.5K resolution, with 13 stops of dynamic range. What pro filmmakers will be especially keen for, is that the Blackmagic camera outputs footage in RAW, as opposed to the compressed versions of the DSLRs. The Blackmagic camera outputs CinemaDNG RAW, ProRes and DNxHD file formats.

Other Blackmagic camera features include built-in SSD and a Thunderbolt port for transfer or streaming of files and footage. The Blackmagic camera promises a true film-look, as opposed to the video look that is often associated with DSLRs. The Blackmagic camera will be available in July at $3,000. We suspect a lot of filmmakers will be very interested at giving this camera a shot – no pun intended.