BET Deploys Motorola Powered HD Solution

Normally, you would expect Motorola to be focusing on the mobile industry. However, this is something that has somewhat diverted the Motorola brand to a niche where they are perhaps aiming to penetrate. Motorola today announced that BET has implemented Motorola’s high definition (HD) MPEG-4/AVC encoding system to deliver its programming in HD. The deployed system has enabled BET to easily integrate new MPEG-04 HD channels with its existing DigiCipher II uplink systems to deliver high quality video with very efficient distribution and bandwidth utilization.

BET will deploy a hybrid uplink system using SE-5100 HD, a real-time, full resolution high-definition and standard definition AVC video encoder which builds on the previously deployed DigiCipher(R) II platform to distribute its programming via satellite. The program content will be received by Motorola’s DSR-6050, which is already deployed by many North American programmers to reduce HD bandwidth requirements up to 75 percent through advanced modulation and MPEG-04 video encoding. The DSR-6050 transcodes MPEG-04 HD content into a MPEG-02 format for legacy cable subscribers with MPEG-02 set-tops.

As a long-time leader in HD digital compression systems and a member of the Grand Alliance HD encoding effort, Motorola has deployed hundreds of HD encoding systems in the MPEG-02 standard. The MPEG-4/AVC technology has been optimized for today’s content requirements, handling both 1920 x 1080i and 1280 x 720p resolutions at approximately half the bandwidth required with similar MPEG-02 coded signals.

(Source) Press