Ashcraft Aria headphones concept goes green

Going green seems to be the in thing these days, so it isn’t too surprising to see enterprising designers come up with eco-friendly designs – case in point, the Ashcraft Aria headphones concept by Ashcraft Design. The name itself is melodious to the ears, and we don’t suppose that since this is a concept, it makes perfect sense to pack in the best performance possible.

The Ashcraft Aria headphones actually comprises of recycled materials and advanced audio technology that was specially designed to cater to the audiophile. The headband will come wrapped in wood recycled from acoustic guitars, while the satin spun finished ear cups are made from reclaimed aluminum.

As for the quilted leather surrounding the ear cups, it is accompanied by lining reclaimed from bags, jackets and other articles of clothing. Your ear drums will be tickled by 40 millimeter titanium-plated drivers that have been specially tuned to deliver extreme clarity just as how the original musician would want his/her music to be heard.

Too bad this eco-friendly headset remains a concept as at time of publishing – is someone out there bold enough to make it a reality?