Apartment Dwellers, Listen Up!

If you live in an apartment, loft or condo, or any similar arrangement where your neighbors are close enough to hear you fart crosswise, then you probably know how difficult it is to indulge your love of really sweet home theatre audio systems.

You may not have that problem much longer thanks to the folks at Bodysound Technologies, who did something really simple, and yet really outlandish, with their home theatre system…

…they implanted it in a CHAIR.

Rather than depend on a series of speakers scattered throughout the room, what Bodysound did was embed speakers in the armrests, footrest, back and headrest of a recliner, meaning that the sound is focused on the listener, requiring a whole lot less total volume without diminishing the experience.

This is actually a pretty awesome idea, but the big problem is one of price–you can get these in single recliner, love seat, sectional sofa and straight couch configurations, but they cost between five and six thousand dollars each.  That’s more than twelve times the cost of some really good home theatre arrays, and more than fifty times the cost of an entry-level system.  Sure, it has the added value of having the home theatre seating included, but that’s still a positively monstrous price.

It’s a great idea, though, and hopefully apartment dwellers will agree.