AOC Releases New All-in-One PCs with SRS Sound

A strategic alliance between SRS and AOC has resulted in a great all-in-one PC offering for people who look for quality audio. Thanks to the joint efforts of these companies, these new PCs carry a remarkable audio experience, particularly for the ones who use them for music, video and gaming.

“SRS is quite excited to be working with an innovative and technology-centric company like TPV. We take great pride in the fact that TPV has selected our all-inclusive SRS Premium Sound suite to equip their new line of products with unbeatable sound quality,” said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing for SRS Labs.

PCs have become multi-functional these days and while we see them as great gaming devices, it is only natural to see the demand for better graphics and quality audio as among the criteria that people look for prior to making a purchase. And with the efforts of these big names in their respective line of specialization producing a magnificent PC solution, you can bet that demand for their PC offering will grow in demand.

(Source) Press