Another StarCraft II Series Keyboard Due To Hit Stores

The long-awaited sequel to StarCraft is set to hit stores in a month and accessories from the recently launched Steel Series have surfaced to complement the new game’s release. So, the Steel Series StarCraft II Limited Edition Zboard is the latest accessory announced to entice the hearts of Starcraft fans thus far.

The Z-board features a customized keyset for StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty. Furthermore, this keyboard comes with dedicated short-cut keys, complete key remapping for full keyset modification and great game graphics. It’s intended to help players master the game quickly and increase the actions of the user per minute for a better game experience.

Thus, the Z-board seems merely to be dressed up with a new key system but fan support for it online is quite positive overall. This accessory might just be a must-have for the most dedicated StarCraft fans.