An Update On X-Box Live Makes Zune Music Available

Today at E3, Microsoft confirmed that their Zune music service is ready to arrive on the X-Box 360. That means gamers will have access to a music library of seven million songs from Zune Marketplace. Streaming for these songs is scheduled for availability in later in the year, along with Zune movie, TV and music video content as well.

Furthermore, you can access the Zune service through Microsoft’s new motion control system, Kinect (previously named project Natal) to use menus and control playback with hand movements and voice commands. But the game controller itself can also be used for streaming. However, you do have to get a subscription to Zune Pass music, which costs $14.99. You can only acquire music through streaming since none of the content can be downloaded. Song requests are also on-demand, so this service is available as a subscription only. Of course, free music is attainable through the service on X-Box Live but you can’t get specific songs on-demand. Nonetheless, no downloading means you can’t store or sync your music library to the X-Box either.

As previously mentioned, Kinect allows you to use the Zune service through gestures and spoken instructions. Thus, you now have a new level of control in your music experience, being able to shout song selections and skip certain ones with the movement of your hand.