A Man Gets Mad After Girlfriend Erases His World Of Warcraft Characters

If you’re a serious gamer, then you’re likely to neglect certain parts of your personal life from time to time. However, neglecting your girlfriend one too many times to keep developing your characters on an MMO like World Of Warcraft might prove to have dire consequences.

For instance, a video recently surfaced about a girlfriend who was fed up with her boyfriend’s MMO addiction to WOW and one fateful evening, she decided to take action. Unfortunately for the guy, his girl chose to get her revenge by deleting his characters, which took many hours of gameplay to customize in terms of their abilities and skills.

In the video, the girlfriend seizes her opportunity for payback after the guy leaves the house for a while and he returns later and trashes his PC after finding his WOW characters mysteriously unavailable. Click here to watch the video and consider its valuable lesson.