Amazon Pulls Out The Stops For Cyber Monday

Okay, folks, I really should’ve seen this coming.  In all honesty it’s a wonder I missed it.

Not too long ago, I was railing against the dearth of quality deals on Black Friday for Amazon, and indeed, the field was pretty short.  But!  But the critical point I missed is that Amazon isn’t a store, it’s a website.  And websites pull out THEIR deals for Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday, in case you didn’t know, is a recent invention that describes the first Monday after Thanksgiving that sends Americans back to work.  And at work, where they generally have access to much faster Internet collections than those they have at home, they take advantage of their lunch breaks and small chunks of idle time throughout the day to shop online.

And to that end, Amazon’s offering up plenty of deals for the shopper’s holiday, including a  LG BD270 Blu-ray player for just over a hundred bucks and a Viore LED24VF60 twenty four inch 1080p LCD television for three hundred bucks.

Great deals to be had, so when you log in on Monday, you may want to swing by with your debit card and have a look.