Sony KDL46V5100 Television Review-Mostly Good

The Sony line has generally brought its share of interesting models, and most of them are at least passably good.  The Sony KDL46V5100 is one of these, at least, in general.

The Sony KDL46V5100 is a forty-six inch 1080p LCD television with Bravia Link, Bravia Sync, and a series of ports, including four HDMI inputs, two component inputs, and one PC input.

There’s plenty of reason to like the Sony Bravia, especially the Sony KDL46V5100, as it’s got great sound and easy to use controls.  Strangely, the picture on this particular model seemed a little bit washed out, but apart from that, it was a pretty solid overall experience.

So if you can stomach a slightly lesser picture, you can get a pretty fair forty-six inch 1080p LCD.  Even better, you can get it for a pretty good price.  Amazon has these going for about nine hundred bucks (used, of course, and your mileage will no doubt vary here), so as far as televisions go, you can get one for pretty cheap and probably enjoy it, too.