Amazon Expands Its Disc And On Demand To 10,000 Titles With Free Streaming Included

Today, Amazon revealed that it’s preparing to expand its Disc and On Demand service to 10,000 titles. This means consumers who buy a physical DVD on the opportunity will be able to watch it immediately through Amazon’s video streaming service. Amazon says that customers will get a digital edition of their movie added to their Amazon Video On Demand library when they choose DVD or Blu-ray from the program. The entire selection of Disc+ On Demand movies can be found on

Interestingly enough, Amazon staged this business move one day after Walmart collaborated with Disney and Walmart’s VUDU service to offer Toy Story 3. Nonetheless, Netflix won’t be losing much of their influence and strong standing in the online streaming market. They still have an advantage since a monthly Netflix streaming fee is cheaper than a DVD purchase through Amazon’s program.