Bose fs-1 bookshelf speaker floor stands



Unless you are a diehard Bose fan and just have to have their official speaker stands I would pass on these. The high price combined with the simplistic design leaves me feeling underwhelmed.

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Bose FS-1 Speaker Stands: Uninspired Speaker Stands

The high price and too plain design make these Bose stands a poor value.

I was excited to receive the Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands in the mail, and naturally being a Bose product I was expecting these speaker stands to be of high quality. I am a wave radio convert, and now expect nothing but perfection from this particular brand.

After some diligent unwrapping I have to say that I was thoroughly disappointed. While these stands are sturdy and have a clean design they are boring. The problem is that I was expecting more. Essentially this pair of floor stands is little more then two pieces of sheet metal joined by a metal tube; definitely not what I wanted from Bose, especially not at this price.

The other problem with the stands is their miniscule size. Measuring only slightly over two feet the Bose stands may be incompatible with some decor. I normally place satellite speakers on either side of my couch, but these stands are not tall enough to raise the speaker above couch level. As it is, the sound would be muffled being down so low.

The silver and black finishing on the speakers is nice, but uninspired. This seems to be the defacto standard in satellite speaker stands so it really can’t be used against Bose, however it would have been nice to be surprised with something new.

All in all there is nothing wrong with the Bose FS-1 bookshelf speakers, but there is nothing great either; and at this price I want be wowed, not indifferent.

Technical Info:


Sold as: Pair

Made for: Bose 201 or 301 bookshelf speakers

Height: 24" H (61 cm)

MSRP: $89

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