Altec Lansings Got A Huge New Amp

Admittedly, we don’t hear a whole lot about amplifiers around here.  But when Altec Lansing puts one out, you’ve got to perk up your ears and pay attention.  Now, all your stuff can get that little extra cranking with the Altec Lansing Stage Gig amplifier.

The Altec Lansing Stage Gig is a forty watt pignose amp putting out a hundred decibels through a one inch neodymium tweeter and a patently massive six and a half inch woofer.  This monstrous poster child for early onset deafness also comes with standard RCA audio jacks and independent volume control.

But in case you were fantasizing about doing some real life shredding with this beastie, forget it, as there is no quarter inch jack on this thing.

But considering what all you do get with the Stage Gig, you’re not going to be terribly upset with Altec Lansing’s little offering.  Especially when you consider it costs a positively meager hundred bucks.