Alienware ALX X-58 Desktop PC

Alienware ALX X-58 Great news for all Alienware fans! The newly launched Alienware ALX X-58 Desktop PC boasts the power of Intel’s newest Core i7 Extreme processor, the World’s fastest CPU. The pc offers unparallel graphic performance through support for both ATI® CrossFire™ and NVIDIA® SLI™ multi-GPU technology. The power of two GPU’s combined enables faster rendering with higher frame rates and more realistic gaming environments.

The Alienware ALX X-58 breaks all existing standards to lay new benchmarks to be followed. The Pc is capable to render high-quality HD resolutions well above 1080p which can be enjoyed best on Alienware’s 30-inch, widescreen LCD. The ALX X-58 is Windows Vista 64 bit compatible and uses low latency DDR3 memory. It offers up to 4TB of storage space and 12GB of RAM.

The SoundBlaster® X-Fi™ XtremeGamer sound card, Killer™ K1 Gaming Network Card, Logitech Razer G9 mouse will redefine your computing experience. Available in black and grey, the Alienware ALX X-58 Desktop currently ships for $3,799.