ACX Vibrante 3DX-24A Glasses-Free 24-inch 3D Monitor Up for Pre-order on Amazon for $799

3D display technology has been appearing more frequently than ever especially thanks to all of the product demonstrations at this year’s CES. However, consumers still have their fair share of gripes with the technology mostly resting on the fact that many of the products are very expensive and the 3D glasses requirement. Luckily many companies are looking to do away with the 3D glasses utilizing auto-stereoscopic displays to provide the 3D experience to the naked eye.

Not many prodcuts utilizing this technology have made their debut but one 24-inch monitor from ACX dubbed the Vibrante-24A has just been posted for pre-order on at $799. This 24-inch monitor gives consumers the ability to view 1080p 3D content with no glasses necessary. Also on board are HDMI, compontent, VGA, S-Video, and composite inputs, a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms respone time and a 16:09 aspect ratio.

Sounds pretty awesome to me but the $799 price tag for such a small display is definitely going to be a turn off for most.

Check out the pre-order listing here.

via 3d-display-info