Yamaha YHT-593BL Home Theater System Review-Covering the Waterfront

Carrying on with our look at home theater systems–often called home theater in a box systems–we look at the Yamaha YHT-593BL. We’ve seen several others in this lineup, with varying levels of quality, but where will the YHT-593BL fit in? Let’s take a look.

The Yamaha YHT-593BL is a 5.1 channel, five hundred twenty five watt home theater system with four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker and a subwoofer as well as the RX-V467 receiver. Plus you’ll get an iPod dock (works for iPhones too), Bluetooth connectivity, Cinema DSP, four different SCENE modes to change settings according to specific needs, four HDMI inputs and a variety of other ports, Compressed Music Enhancer,  the YPAO Sound Optimization system, and an audio delay compensation system.

It’s really about what you’d expect, really–Yamaha generally puts out a good system and this one is no exception. It’s got great sound, plenty of solid features, and in general, should serve as a fine hub for your home theater system.

And you can even get this for the oddly specific price of $450.08 out at Amazon, so it’s also at a pretty good price. You’re getting quite a system here, really, though you may do better with it in an smaller room than in a larger one.

Still though, for many people, the Yamaha YHT-593BL home theater system should be almost all the home theater system they need for some time to come.