52-inch Glasses-free 3DTV From Philips Coming to UK Soon

There are many different 3DTVs on the market which is no surprise considering just about every movie is coming out in a 3D version. However, while there are many different who don’t mind 3DTvs in their current state, there are also many who can do without the glasses. Luckily, as you’re sure to know, glasses-free 3D display technology has been heating up quite a bit with several smartphones including the HTC EVO 3D and game consoles, namely the Nintendo 3Ds, already available with such displays. But, you may be asking yourself, when will we see an actual TV with glasses-free 3D display technology?

If you live in the UK, quite soon. The reason I say this is because Philips has recently posted on Amazon a glasses-free 3D TV with a massive 52-inch size and a release date of 2-04 weeks. The price tag is set at a lofty ?7,499.00 ($11,500+ USD) but seeing how the technology is still quite new this is to be expected. Other specs of the TV, according to Amazon, include a full 1080p HD resolution, 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time and a 60Hz refresh rate.

Sounds pretty good, but with such a high price tag, will it sell? We’ll have to wait and see.