3M Intros Shoot N Share Camcorder With Built-In Pico Projector

3M has come forth today to show off their Shoot ‘N Share camcorder with built-in pico projector. This is great for those who want to shoot video and display it to their friends but don’t have a display anywhere in sight. Of course, seeing how the camcorder shoots 720p video, the pico projector is only capable of pushing out an imagine with a 640 x 480 resolution. This means that if you choose to display your content with the pico projector you won’t be getting the full resolution. 15 lumens also make the cut which, again, isn’t exactly the best best brightness but then again, it is built into a camcorder, so what can you expect?

What’s intersting is you can actually transfer media from your computer to the camcorder and then display it utilizing the pico projector so it’s like buying a pico projector and camcorder at once.

No word on when it will be out but it’s priced at $299.

via crunchgear