3LCD Continues to be #1 in Projection Technology

LCD Technology has been one of the focal points of being competitive today. It covers a lot of the new technological breakthroughs in the market and apparently, there is one brand that stands out above the rest. 3LCD continues to lord it over the rest as it continues to show market share growth worldwide.

3LCD’s continued growth is credited to the vast array of new 3LCD projector models introduced during 2008. Product features include outstanding color performance, efficient light engines, impressive contrast ratios offering rich details and deep blacks, lens-shift technology and road-tested reliability.

“With the continuing contributions and support from our OEMs, 3LCD has maintained steady market share growth year over year. Repeatedly outselling our closest competitor is a sign that consumers recognize our innovation and advantages,” said Rina Bhuva, senior strategic marketing manager, 3LCD.

(Source) Press