3DTV Forecasted to Ship 46 Million by 2013

3DTV may not necessarily be in demand now but don’t be surprised if the numbers suddenly swell. And while the TV manufacturers catering to this new niche is not necessarily boggling at the moment, studies suggest that by 2013 about 46 million shipments of 3DTV will be imminent. And for giant TV manufacturers such as Sony and Panasonic, rejuvenating their business may be made possible with the new advent of 3DTV, seen as the next big demand for home and business entertainment mediums.

3D capable TV systems are starting to show and it is just a matter of time before consumers will shift their product preferences to 3D technology. So in the coming months, don’t be surprised if more 3D-capable TV sets start to show unique features, a trend that we see today in the fast evolving world of home entertainment requirements.

(Source) Press