Western Digital Offers The My Book AV DVR Expander

June 23, in DVR

Of course, DVRs are great for storing the content from your favorite TV episodes and movies so you can conveniently watch them at any time. But it’s frustrating when you find that your device’s storage capacity’s getting full and you’re likely to face the unwanted task of deleting older content to make room for more stuff. However, Western Digital does have a solution for you.

It’s called the My Book AV DVR Expander and it’s equipped with an extra 1TB of storage space for the TV programs and films you love and it’s able to hold up to 120 hours of HD content. Furthermore, it also features compatibility with TiVo Series 3, TiVo HD DVRs, Dish Network and DirecTV DVRs. In addition to this, the device comes with GreenPower Technology to reduce heat omission, a transfer option for content from camcorders and it’s compatible with other electronics such as Blu-ray players and game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces are included with the My Book AV DVR Expander as well.

Western Digital is currently performing tests with the device to make sure it also works with set-top box units from cable and satellite companies. It’s available for sale right now for $149.99 and you can find it at the Western Digital online store.


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