Western Digital Announces New Media Player For Netflix Steaming

June 9, in Set Box

Western Digital recently unveiled their new media player called the WD TV Live Plus HD. It can stream thousands of movies and television shows from Netflix into your TV set. This media player comes with a direct storage access system, enabling you to stream viewable content from a hard drive as well.

The WD TV Live Plus HD outputs 1080p video over HDMI 1.3 and streams over Wi-Fi. It offers a variety of other features which include full HD video playback and navigation, access to an unlimited subscription on Netflix, wireless network compatibility, an ethernet port, USB ports, unlimited media connection, photo viewing and music playback.

It also works with camcorders, digital cameras, video cameras and can transfer files from a USB drive. You can find the WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player at select retail stores and online at shopwd.com. It’s also priced at $149.99 and has a one-year limited warranty.


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