Vizio Maintains Spot as Top US TV Manufacturer, Now Has 30% of Market

November 23, in Business

While companies like Sony and Samsung have been big name HDTV manufacturers for some time, Vizio is making quite the name for itself. In fact, it seems that Vizio has managed to maintain its spot as the top TV in the United States with a surprisingly high 30% market share. To put matters into persepctive, Vizio says that they have shipped 160,000 more televisions in the United States than its closet competitor.

Pretty amazing considering Vizio came out of seemingly no where and then proceeded to dominate the market. This just goes to show you that if you make a good product and price it competitively it is going to sell despite competition from big name companies.

What kind of television do you have? Are you part of the 30% that owns a Vizio? Let us know in the comments

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