Veho creates HTPC controller that looks like a video game controller

March 7, in Accessories

If you aren’t familiar with Veho, they make some great products like Mimi wall mounted PC and Muvi Camcorder. Now they have put out this strange HTPC controller that you can check out after the jump.

You can see that this is made for Xbox 360 fans, and the Mimi WiFi Keyboard and AirMouse actually has the game controller. It could be the remote to end all remotes.

It has the motion sensor inside for controlling the mouse, buttons for left and right clicking, and a range of about 33 feet. It is compatible with Windows and Mac via USB dongle, and there are customizable buttons that will work on Microsoft machines. You got to like how the QWERTY keyboard is placed, and if you don’t have anything but an Xbox 360, this might be up your alley.

If you want this, you had best be prepared to drop 150 dollars for it. Let’s hope you love it.

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