ASUS WAVI Xtion Motion Sensor

Considering that we just reported about three different Kinect hacks, one that just showed up at CeBIT. Here is something else related to the Kinect that showed up at CeBIT: the WAVI Xtion from ASUS.

Just so you know, it is pronounced as “Way-vee action”, and it has two parts, a wireless media streaming device and Xtion “action” motion sensor. It uses motion-sensing tech from PrimeSense with an exclusive ASUS Xtion Portal user interface.

It streams high definition media wirelessly from a PC located in one room to a television located in the other room, and connections to the PCs and TVs are via wireless HDMI or WHDI technology for delivering smooth transfers of high def content such as movies, games, and photos in 5GHz with a 25 meter range.

As I said before, this Kinect-like home theater accessory was on deck at CeBIT, but oddly enough, I didn’t see a price or availability date.