Toshiba Regza 42″ LCD

January 30, in LCD

Toshiba Regza

Toshiba Regza

The latest line of Toshiba high-definition LCD displays, specifically the 42-inch Regza Cinema Series HD, are all thinner, brighter and better than any other set in terms of refresh rate. What’s even better is that you can buy one today for a reasonable $1,699. The changes and improvements in LCD displays have been coming fast and furious, and whoever is ahead of the pack usually doesn’t stay there for long, but for now, the Toshiba Regza 42 inch is definitely in front. 

The Regza is 40 inches wide by 25-and-a-half inches tall, nearly four inches deep and weighs a modest 54 pounds. Toshiba’s own SRT (Super Resolution Technology) Technology scales all signals to 1080p, and Toshiba’s ClearFrame 120Hz Anti-Blur Technology eliminates most of the motion blur on images by creating new frames from the digital data and inserting them between the normally-produced frames. Hook up is easy and straightforward and the picture is crisp and clear, making the Toshiba Regza HD a great deal.

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