Sharp LC-52D85U HDTV

Picture quality is important when you are looking for a reliable HDTV these days and this is perhaps one aspect that can place the Sharp LC-52D85U HDTV safely passing that category where is was placed. Priced at $2,300, this model provides the best picture for its price among the 50- and 52-inch sets.

But while the picture quality is indeed something that Sharp can brag about, don’t expect too much kudos for its other features. The remote controls are complex and much of the other features present in other HDTVs in its category are notably absent.

The Sharp LC-52D85U HDTV delivers acceptable sound, but lacks real depth as far as artificial surround sound is concerned. Loud sounds suffer from slight harshness and it doesn’t support picture-in-picture or any multimedia capabilities via USB, SD Card, or ethernet.

(Source) PC