Toshiba 32C100U Television Review-Surprisingly Good Deal

November 3, in LCD

Today we take a look at an exciting value in television, the Toshiba 32C100U. It’s going to do a nice job–better than most, really–of providing a solid television experience and at a good price, too.

The Toshiba 32C100U is a thirty two inch 720p LCD television that offers a CineSpeed LCD panel (which in turn ups the response speed to reduce blurring and artifacts), DynaLight Backlight Control to adjust backlight intensity and improve picture quality with advanced image processing, Photo Frame capability to let the television act like a digital photo frame, a Gaming Mode to further reduce blurring, Color Temperature Control to adjust picture quality based on the conditions of the room, two ten watt speakers with Dolby Digital and DTS, two HDMI inputs, one component input, one composite input, one RF input, one PC input, one headphone jack, one digital audio output, two analog audio inputs, and one USB port.

The Toshiba 32C100U packs a lot of options into it, with plenty of ways to customize your picture and provide the best possible viewing experience. I liked the picture on this one, because even at 720p (which isn’t exactly bad in and of itself), it’s got so many ways to alter the picture that it looks good in most any environment. The sound, meanwhile, isn’t quite so good as that, but still–for a pair of ten watt speakers, it’s not bad at all.

And the whole thing only gets better when you consider that it’s selling for $449.99, well, you’ve got a pretty nice television coming to you for a pretty nice price.

The Toshiba 32C100U may not be the best television you’ll find out there, but it will certainly do its job, and do it pretty well at a good price besides.

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