The Sennheiser CXC-700 earphones

January 25, in Headphones

We already covered what Sennheiser was up to yesterday with PX 360 and PX 360 BT Headphones, and today will be the CXC 700 ear-canal phones.

This pair of earphones support active noise cancellation with three profiles made for travelers. It is able to adapt to its surrounding environment with a push of a button.

Mode 1 is good for absorbing low-frequency noise in particular (100 to 400 Hertz) which is good for blocking the noise from planes, buses and trains. Mode 2 cancels medium frequency range is derived from air-conditioning systems in large passenger aircraft and office buildings. Mode 3 is the wide-frequency range that mixes the low and the medium.

The CXC 700 will be out sometime this month, but I don’t really have any word on a price.


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