The Nao robot is Kinect-controlled

March 7, in Console Gaming

It’s nice to that the Kinect is getting a lot of uses. There was the gesture-based remote, the Roomba controller, and that really perverted one that I try not to think about.

Not bad for something that is something designed to be just a video game accessory. Now, it looks like the Kinect might be used to control a robot. I’m not talking about the RoboThespian that we reported on last weekend.

This is a real robot, even though the Nao is still in the prototype stage from creator Aldebaran. These robots will probably do a lot of neat things, and I say probably because they won’t be available until two or three years.

From what I can tell, the Nao has a charging station, but I have no idea how in the world a Kinect can make it do things like vacuum the floor or cook your meals. Maybe it is meant for construction work.


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