Ultrasone Releases Limited Edition Headphones For Edition 10 Series

Recently, Ultrasone Incorporated revealed the immediate release of special edition headphones for their Edition 10 series. These headphones are packing titanium-plated 40mm drivers and a 10% more powerful magnet. read more…

Ultrasone PRO 2900 Balanced Headphones

Ultrasone Inc. has added the only open-backed headphone to its legendary PRO Series, the PRO 2900. The company has for the first time released both a standard single cable version and a balanced double cable version of a pair of headphones. read more…

Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited Headphones

Ultrasone recently announced its latest creation, Edition 8 Limited Headphones the most visually stunning and acoustically pleasing headphones ever. However, the company will release just 888 units of this special edition headphone. read more…

Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium Headphones

The recently announced Edition 8 headphones by Ultrasone are world’s finest special edition headphones. Taken to a higher level of sophistication with Palladium-based design, the Edition 8 is the most elegant pair of Ultrasone headphones so far. read more…

Ultrasone HFI-2400 Headphones

Ultrasone AG, the well known German headphone manufacturer, is pleased to announce the release of its flagship HFI Series headphone, the HFI-2400, designed to satisfy the highest of listening demands. read more…

Ultrasone Zino Headphones

ulrasone-zino-headphonesUltrasone is proud to present its new Ultrasone Zino Headphones. It comes in a set of gunmetal black, semi-open headphones. Featuring an aluminum nameplate, these supra aural headphones have been designed to give you an ultimate and uninterrupted sound experience. read more…

Ultrasone Edition 9 Closed Back Headphones

Ultrasone recently introduced its latest Edition 9 high-end closed-back headphones. The successor to Edition 8 inherits similar elegance and power. The Edition 9 Headphones incorporate Ultrasone’s S-Logic Natural Surround Sound technology for high quality surround sound. read more…

Ultrasone Edition 8 Headphones

For people who love going on the high-end, here is something that can complement home entertainment enjoyment on a private note. Headphones are available here and there and while the price for this Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones may not be ideal ($1,499! read more…

RudiStor NX-02 Sistema Headphone Amp, Ultrasone ProLine 2500 Headphones

RudiStor NX-02 Sistema Headphone Amp, Ultrasone ProLine 2500 Headphones

In this day and time where most new music listeners develop their tastes by way of ear buds, it’s been nice to see resurgence in the desire for quality headphones. Having grown up in a time when self-paced lessons included wearing plastic headsets that had the comfort level of vise grips, its always pleasant to put on a comfortable pair of “cans” and push those painful memories deeper in the grey matter of distant memories. Recently, I received an email offering me the possibility of reviewing a “Sistema”, a very peculiar audio combination, something that could be called “a Dynamic Headphone System”. It is an amp/ headphone combo. From one side the amp made by RudiStor, a small Italian based company, and maker of some of the most highly regarded headphone amplifiers available (including electrostatic ones). They teamed together with Ultrasone, the German headphone manufacturer (another European based company) and designed an amp specifically tuned for the Ultrasone’s PROLines 2500 open-air headphones.


  • Rudistor NX-02
  • Maximum Output (Voltage Swing): 17Vpp
  • Slew Rate >4VuSec
  • Bandwidth: 0-100.000 Hz 0.05db
  • Output Impedance: 0.01 Ohm to 1200
  • THD: 0.002% (3Vpp on 32 Ohm)
  • Gain: 14dB
  • Input Impedance: 47 Kohm Technology: IC and Bipolar Discrete Input : RCA golden
  • S/N: 115db
  • Output: 2 * jack full size
  • Dimensions (cm): 24*30*7
  • Humm Level: Not measurable
  • Weight (Kg): 4.0
  • Price $ Not yet announced.
  • Ultrasone ProLine 2500
  • S-Logic™ Natural Surround Sound
  • Dynamic principle
  • Frequency range 8-35.000 Hz
  • Impedance 40 Ohm
  • Sound pressure level 94 dB
  • MU Metal bufferboard, reduced field emissions in accordance with ULE standard
  • Driver 40 mm titanium-plated
  • Weight 292 g (without cord)
  • Price $399

read more…


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