Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited Headphones

Ultrasone recently announced its latest creation, Edition 8 Limited Headphones the most visually stunning and acoustically pleasing headphones ever. However, the company will release just 888 units of this special edition headphone.

Packed with luxurious details, the Edition 8 Limited will be available in a choice of regal dark brown and silver. The headphone employs Ultrasone’s latest S-Logic Plus technology for utmost spacious tonal perception and MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduces the amount of radiation.

To reduce smudges and finger prints, the outer ear cups has been crafted with Ruthenium in a matte finish. For safe storage and shipping, each headphone is housed in a stately wooden box. Since Ultrasone will be producing just 888 units of the Edition 8 headphones, each headphone will be individually stamped with their own serial number.

The Edition 8 headphones will be available in June at MSRP of $1,699.